Compile Heart have announced a delay for Gun Gun Pixies, pushing it into a late April release in Japan.

Citing quality improvements as the reason for the delay, Compile Heart announced a Gun Gun Pixies release date move of March 23rd to April 27th in Japan – your outing with those little alien ladies on a mission kicked back exactly five weeks.

Still excited despite the delay? Check out an updated version of the debut trailer below!

Gun Gun Pixies is now set to hit April 27th in Japan; make a note of it.

  • The Atom

    If this comes with the usual great CH stupid humour, I might be in on a localisation, but I fear this won’t have much more going for it than fanservice like Gal Gun… 🙁

    • addictedtoretro

      My thoughts exactly. Still, I find I can never have enough titles you can just dip into for a short while for mindless fun. Needs a bit of humour.