Hide your wives, and secure the children in their beds – there’s a rather raunchy new video up showing off Love Chu Chu!!‘s opening salvo.

This alternate universe title focuses on Takuru Miyashiro and his interests in things more important to him than world events… like women. This may be a time of great danger and change, but Takuru knows where his priorities should lie!

Check out the opening movie for this adventure below, but don’t watch it unless you’re alone!

Chaos;Child: Love Chu Chu!! is due out in Japan on March 30th.

You know you waaaaaaaaaaant it. 😉

  • The Atom

    As much as I may appreciate such artwork in its own right, do you know whether the original Chaos;Child is like that? Was thinking of getting it because of its relation to Steins;Gate but can’t this is really appealing to me.

    • moreover

      No, it’s nearly not that erotic, if you meant that, it’s mostly dark and can get pretty violent at times.

      • The Atom

        Awesome! That’s exactly what I meant yeah. That sounds like the atmosphere I was hoping for.

  • Kelvin Morrison

    While I haven’t played Chaos;Child it should be similar in tone to the Steins;Gate games. I think the lovechuchus are heavy fan service spinoffs and that there is one fkr the SG series too.