PM Studios and Acttil have announced a Western release for the rhythm-infused Deemo: The Last Recital.

“Emotionally evocative” music game Deemo: The Last Recital is officially headed West, coming our way as a digital only title this Spring. It’ll introduce you to a “heart-wrenching urban fantasy story” which is styled with beautifully hand-drawn artwork – the tale told alongside some quite fittingly mood-altering piano melodies. The audio is definitely a prominent part of this experience, so make sure to get those headphones ready!

As for what version we’re getting, it appears that Deemo: The Last Recital is headed our way with animated cutscenes, the original story (included in Deemo 2.0), four subtitle languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), a new duel mode (complete with ad-hoc play), a new duet mode (with ad-hoc co-op), and even a PlayStation Vita exclusive “After Story.” That seems like quite a set of features. 🙂

So how ’bout it, are you down for Deemo? Check out the announcement trailer below for a little more insight into what to expect.

Deemo: The Last Recital is headed to both North America and Europe this Spring, thanks to PM Studios and Acttil.

Will you be attending?

  • DCGX

    Limited Run Games stated in their CheapAssGamer thread that they are looking into doing a physical release of this too.