It looks like “Now” is about to turn into “then” as PlayStation Now departs from our neck of the woods.

Since its announcement in early 2014 and subsequent beta release in October 2014, PlayStation Now has been a staple of the PlayStation Vita ecosystem – offering games you won’t find on the portable streamed right into your hands (or your TV if using the PlayStation TV) via the internet. Now however, it seems as if that offer of support has begun to go sour.

According to both the US (North American) and European PlayStation Blogs, PlayStation Now will no longer be available on any device – save for the PlayStation 4 and PC – come August 15th, 2017. The PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV will depart alongside the PlayStation 3, all Sony Bravia TV models, all Sony Blu-ray player models, and all Samsung TV models, to leave the PlayStation 4 and PC as the only ways left to play.

As for the “why” of it, we’ll defer to PlayStation’s official word on that;

“After thoughtful consideration, we decided to shift our focus and resources to PS4 and Windows PC to further develop and improve the user experience on these two devices. This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further.”

Thanks to that thoughtful consideration, you (the PlayStation Vita player) are about to lose access to a whole host of streamed titles. Good thing they want to grow the service though, hmm? Seems like they’re off to a great start…

PlayStation Now is set to go dark on everything but PlayStation 4 and PC starting August 15th, 2017; make sure to have your gaming affairs in order by then.

  • moreover

    Pathetic bastards, truly one of the worst corporations.

  • WillMerfi

    I love my Vita still, but the writing is on the wall. It’s really over now.

    • moreover

      For sony it’s “over” for a really long by now, there’s nothing to read into.

  • eric

    Well that surely sucks. I have been a subscriber for some time. Guess no longer.

    Not sure about all of you, but this just confirms my collection of physical vita releases. As long as I have the physical copy in hand i’ll be able to play.

    on a side note, …I’ve been reading all the hype about the Switch, …Sony really screwed up on that one, …the Vita + Playstation TV is better than the Switch and its been out for a few years -just marketed poorly.

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, that sucks. Yet another feature that vita is losing.

  • lunchbandit

    Not surprising, but crappy nonetheless. I will play my Vita for as long as the thing operates — I love it to death. That said, I will never take a chance on a Playstation system again. I sold my PS4 after it became apparent they were more interested in pushing VR and the, at the time, yet to be released Pro, than they were in supporting Vita or even carrying over their PSOne digital purchases over from the PS3/Vita to the PS4. I’ll spend my gaming dollars elsewhere in the future.

  • vongruetz .

    At first glance, I thought this sucked, but after spending the past month using PS Now extensively, I completely get it. The service works pretty well on my PS4, but on the PS3 and Vita, it just wasn’t that good. The latency on the Vita made most games almost unplayable, and I’m guessing that the experience on blu-ray players and TVs was similar. Playing Sonic Generations was impossible from the Vita, but switch over to the PS4 and it wasn’t bad.

    Seems to me that the right decision for the service to succeed is to focus on just a few devices that will provide a really good experience instead of a poor experience on everything. Once they figure out how to do game streaming on the PS4, then they can work on expanding it out to other devices.

  • The Atom

    Huh? Did Europeans even have this?

  • Hiraga Saito

    hi buddy mind if i ask if u still play invizimals? i mean the resistance

    • vongruetz .

      Are you still playing invizimals? I haven’t played it for awhile but it’s on my list of games to go back to. I platinumed Alliance and have been wanting to do the same with Resistance but got distracted. I plan to change that soon.