Ahead of the western release of Toukiden 2, Koei Tecmo has released more information for the story of the game as well as looks at new weapons.

First up we have the set up for the story of Toukiden 2 which you can check out below.

Located amid the tattered landscapes of Toukiden, the seemingly peaceful village of Mahoroba is riven by internal conflict. Despite being tasked with the protection of Kagura, the Shrine Maiden, the town’s two rival clans – the Samurai and the Imperial Guard – clash for dominance, jeopardising the safety and the future of the sanctuary settlement.

In an effort to defuse the tension, the Holy Mount has sent in its own force of Slayers, but their presence feels more like a threat than a path to a peaceful solution. Will the new Slayer who mysteriously appeared on the outskirts of Mahoroba unite the irate guardians, or will the devastating events that tore once-allied factions apart prevail and sound the end of humanity?

It all sounds rather ominous but does set up an interesting landscape for the game. Hopefully it lives up to the promise.

With the scene set it’s time to take a look at two new weapons introduced in the game, the Sword & Shield and the Chain Whip.

Sword & Shield

The Sword & Shield is a balance between offence and defence as you would expect and useful for a variety of situations.

Chain Whip

The Chain Whip allows for quick attacks great at dealing quick damage to enemies.

Finally we get some more information on the role of the Mitama. Mitama are used to help personalise and enhance the weapons you wield boosting various attributes such as attack or speed. In order to obtain said Mitama you’ll need to defeat the larger Oni throughout the game. You’ll only be able to equip up to 3 Mitama at any given time so you’ll have to decide which enhancements to use at the appropriate time.

Also new to the Toukiden series is the control element available through equipping certain Mitama. This will allow the player to summon Oni to fight for them in battle.

So there we have it, are you excited to try out the new weapons? Eager to start summon your own Oni army? Let us know in the comments below.

Toukiden 2 is due to release on PS4 and PS Vita on 21st March in North America and on 24th March in Europe. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as we get it.

  • Lester Paredes

    It can’t get here fast enough!

  • Kaboom

    Looks good. Hoping it runs well on Vita.