Koei Tecmo have brought some new battle system details to the table, showing off powerful Chain Burst attacks as well as the new sub-weapon system.

Firis is a remarkable young lady, and her journey will take her far and wide – often forcing her and her friends into battles. When facing an enemy each character has the ability to use both standard and special attacks (as well as supporting items), but it’s by combining your skills that you can secure your victory. Chaining your abilities will fill the Linkage Gauge, which will lead to powerful Chain Burst attacks; all party members interlinking to result in an impressive finisher.

Additionally, Firis’ title will be the first to boast the use of sub-weapons. Characters will be able to carry two types of sub-weapons, each with a different effect and different types of damage. It’s via choosing the right tool for the job that you’ll be able to make the best use of them, so you’ll have to learn your options well.

New screenshots and footage have been released to go along with this information, showing off battle mechanics as well as some of the people Firis meets while out (including familiar characters Logy, Escha, Edel, Lius, Meklet, and Atomina).

Check out the new media below;

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey is due out March 7th in North America and March 10th in Europe.

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