Two totally choice titles have been confirmed for physical release through Limited Run Games.

First on the docket is the highly scored Runner2, which is coming up for order via Limited Run Games on March 17th. It’ll be priced at the usual $24.99US, with only 3,500 copies initially up for grabs. That’ll be augmented a little further with the PAX East special release, which will be limited to 1,000 copies (some of which will be sold online).

Sound good? Well that’s not all!

The BIT.TRIP – a collection featuring classic Choice titles Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux – is also coming up for order via the limited run specialists; though the date for its release has yet to be revealed.

These two titles have just been confirmed via a partnership between Choice Provisions and Limited Run Games, and are a part of four new releases (two PlayStation 4 exclusive) coming in the aftermath.

Are you planning on picking them up?

  • Lester Paredes

    While I liked these games, I’m not interested in a physical release for them. Still, good luck for those that are, LRG releases can sometimes be difficult to grab.

    • DCGX

      I’m with you. The Bit Trip games are like the definition of a downloadable title to me. I have The Bit Trip Collection on 3DS already, and Runner 2 on PC. I’m slightly interested in having Runner 2 on the go, but I am not a fan of the regular cover art. The PAX East cover art is so much better in my opinion. Of course, I’m going to PAX East to try and purchase that one.

  • Augustine Brandon

    Love the bit trip games
    I would love to get a physical copy for my Vita collection!