Koei Tecmo recently announced that William Adams – the protagonist of exclusive PlayStation 4 title Nioh – will be the final addition to Musou Stars’ fighting line-up. The publisher has now released its final character introduction trailer, plus an official description for William on their website:

William Adams from Nioh (voiced by Ben Peel)

An Englishman with blond hair and blue eyes from Ireland. He travels together with Saorise, the guardian spirit he met when he was young. Originally a pirate, he speaks with a free-spirited and rough language, but he actually has a sharp mind and a strong sense of justice. His innate characteristics are easily admired by spirits and guardian spirits.

Along with the character trailer, a handful of new screenshots have been revealed showcasing Nioh‘s samurai warrior. Check the lot of it out below.

Will this new addition convince you to pick up Musou Stars? The game releases in Japan on March 30th.