The official website for Rainbow Skies has been updated to reveal details of the character upgrade system. There is a brand new Skill Stone System to get to grips with! You’ll need Skill Stones to permanently increase the attributes of your characters and the monsters in your team.

Characters have six key attributes (the same as in Rainbow Moon), the six confirmed attributes are:

  • HP: A character’s health points.
  • MP: A character’s mana points. Used for casting skills.
  • Strength: A higher strength value increases the damage caused in battles.
  • Defense: A higher defense value decreases the damage taken in battles.
  • Speed: Determines the turn order in battles.
  • Luck: A higher luck value increases the chance of critical hits in battles.

There will be three different types of Skill Stones:

  • Blue: These are very commonly found and used to perform primary character upgrades and HP upgrades.
  • Red: These are a lot less common than the blue ones and can be used to upgrade secondary attributes, such as your MP.
  • Yellow: These are very rare and can be used for special upgrades.

You can obtain Skill Stones in a number of different ways; in loot bags, treasure chests, hidden treasures, as quest rewards, bought from merchants or dropped by defeated monsters. They also come in a number of different sizes; Single Skill Stones (one golden corner), a pack of 10 (two golden corners) or even a pack of 50 (three golden corners).

You won’t be able to access the Upgrade System at the beginning but it will be unlocked as you progress through the game. Once you’ve unlocked the system you can access it through the game’s menu. Each class in the game will be upgraded in slightly different ways, what this means is that the entries in the upgrade system will be slightly different for each playable character and monster. An example of this is that whilst Damion will develop into a tank with a strong focus on Strength & Defense, Layne’s primary upgrades will be Speed & Strength, and Ashly will turn into the best damage dealer.

You’ll gain access to new upgrades as you level up, at the start this will happen very frequently but later in the game you’ll need multiple level ups in order to access new upgrades.

One benefit of the Skill Stone System compared to Rainbow Moons ‘Savant’ system is that you can access character upgrades whenever you like. In Rainbow Moon you had to find a Savant before you could upgrade whereas now as long as you have some Skill Stones and aren’t already maxed out you can upgrade your characters. This will give you much more flexibility when playing as you’ll be able to level up mid-dungeon and after battles.

As well as upgrading any of the six attributes mentioned above there are a number of special upgrades that can be made as long as you have a yellow skill stone:

  • Sub-turns: While some sub-turns are automatically awarded when leveling up, others can be unlocked using Skill Stones.
  • Skill Points: Exclusively unlocked through this new system. Required for equipping passive skills.
  • Combo Pearls: Required for executing combo skills.

Do you like the look of the new character system? Are you looking forward to playing around with it? Hopefully we won’t have too much longer to wait to try it as Rainbow Skies is due out later this year!

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