Experience has revealed the Japanese release date for horror title Death Mark, dropping the debut trailer (and some screenshots) alongside the announcement.

Death Mark follows several people ‘burdened’ with a strange mark that signifies the countdown to demise. They seek safety in a manor said to protect those stricken with their affliction, and attempt to find answers to save themselves from certain death.

If that sounds like something you’d play, then you’re in luck; as Death Mark has been revealed to be releasing on June 1st in Japan – with the title priced at 4800 yen for the physical version (pictured right) and 4000 yen for the digital version.

To go along with that release date announcement we’ve also got some media for you to check out; with the debut trailer and four new screenshots available below.

Death Mark is due out June 1st in Japan, so don’t be scared – yet. 😉