Play-Asia has listed a multi-language version of Ys Origin for physical release, and it seems that English is included in the mix.

If you’re bummed about the wait ’til May 30th for Ys Origin on Vita, this might cheer you up a little; you’re going to be able to get it physically if importing is acceptable. Play-Asia has listed a Japanese, Chinese, and English language version of Ys Origin for $29.99 – giving you the option to pre-order right now.

Click here to jump to their site and secure yourself a copy on release this May, lest you be left with a digital copy and no shiny Vita game box on your shelf. 😛

  • DCGX

    This is tempting, especially considering there’s a $5 off coupon and free shipping promo going on right now. Maybe the US and/or Europe will get a physical release announcement yet though.

    • addictedtoretro

      Yeah I must admit I took advantage of that. I’ll be a little gutted if there is an US/EU release but only a little 🙂