We now know more about what you’ll get in this new Z-infused title, and have a date as to when you can expect it.

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed more about this roguelike RPG sequel – including that it’s actually a story-based follow up, and that it adds new elements of play. One such element is called “Z Bust Mode,” whereby the player can exceed the previous K-cup limit and reach the mythical “Z.” Reaching Z-cup will allow you to use the powerful “Hyper Omega Slash” just once, reducing your cup size thereafter. I shit you not.

Additionally, systems such as “Omega Power” and “Faint in Agony Awakening” will make a return – so if you’re well versed on the first title you’ve got a head start.

How about the characters? We’ve got four confirmed, including Aina Akemiya (cv Haruka Yamazaki), Nako Mito (cv; Aya Uchida), Saeri Soja (cv; MAO), and the new protagonist Rio Akanezaki (cv; Ayaka Fukuhara).

With that out of the way, our final piece of news is that Omega Labyrinth Z is due out July 6th in Japan – the development currently around seventy percent complete.

Are you busting with excitement yet?

  • Lester Paredes

    I’d be more excited if it came westwards. The first one still hasn’t made the trip, and I hold little hope for this sequel.