Koei Tecmo has released details on team ups, a multiplayer trailer, and more than a few screenshots for Toukiden 2.

In this sequel you’ll certainly find a proper online experience, where Slayers can team up and take on dangerous Oni via mysterious “Portal Stones” scattered through the “Otherworld.” Touching them will transport the player to a multiplayer lobby, and accepting missions at the command hub will allow up to four players to embark on cooperative play. The Vita version of the game will include both local and online multiplayer modes, and you should easily be able to recognize friends thanks to the robust options in the create a character system.

Moving on from strict multiplayer mode, the campaign has also been heavily multiplayer-infused for Toukiden 2. Aside from the missions related to the main story, there are also open world encounters where Slayers will look to cooperate – and quest completions will net some sort of reward. Weaponry, armor, and new Mitama can be yours alongside a new “friend” in the game; so make sure to do your best!

Offline players however, will still be able to get cooperation… but it’ll be with the “Ghost Data” of their friends. It’ll work the same, just with the AI controlling your helper.

Speaking of help, players can also offer their assistance to each other via weapon exchange. Slayers can use the fairly commonly found Reliquaries (containers for sacred relics) to place and retrieve weapons between cooperating parties. Donating an item for another player will even net you a reward of equal value, so helping your friend just became even more rewarding. 😉

Finally, it’s been revealed that the game is playing host to a variety of new Oni inspired by Western lore. On your travels you’ll meet the Drakwing – a dragon-like beast, the Canidaemon – a wind and lightning infused wolf-like demon, the Wingspawn – a poison-breathing monster which turns humans into demons, and the Bruteclaw – a heavily armored six-legged creature you wouldn’t want to take lightly.

Does Toukiden 2 sound like something you can sink some hours into? Check out some multiplayer gameplay in the trailer embedded below;

Plus, there are over 80 new screenshots to check out before you go!

Toukiden 2 is due out March 21st in North America and March 24th in Europe.

Are you going Oni hunting this month?

  • Kaboom

    Yes please!!!

  • Akros

    Not only this month, but I’ll hunt Oni as long as I can. I decided long ago to even double-dip with Toukiden 2 😀

  • MrBBB

    I CANNOT WAIT for Toukiden 2!!!! I need to brush up on some Oni Slaying with Kiwami!!!!!

  • Rafael Monk

    was the physical release canceled?

  • Luthee

    I’m eagerly waiting for this game, as is my brother. We’re fans ever since Age of Demons came out on PSVita and we’re going to play a lot of co-op on PS4 (I’m wondering if I should double-dip to be able to play it on the go as well >_<).