D3 Publisher and Famitsu have revealed more on the breast sequel ever.

In Omega Labyrinth Z you’ll adventure through a dungeon with terrain that changes every time you enter. You’ll take two heroines on this journey, and if you’re killed in the dungeon you’ll straight up fail the mission, go back to level 1, and forfeit all your items. Ouch.

This isn’t just an ecchi Japanese game, it’s a hardcore roguelike dungeon crawler – and you’re going to need to play smart to survive.

Does that look good to you?

Well if you order now you’ll get the “Kokeshi Lance” weapon and “Omega Shield” shield as first-print bonuses. D3P Web Shop purchases will also net you an “Echoing Hammer Nyolotar” weapon (featuring the shy voice of Nako Mimomo when you use it), and an “Echoing Lance Belonginus” weapon (with the voice of a mystery character when you use it).

Additionally, a limited edition version will be available including;

  • Special Wadatsumi-drawn box
  • “Moutokkun!? Souzetsu ☆ Shiken Benkyou!” drama CD
  • Creation material collection book
  • Five-item home screen customization set (via DLC code)

Omega Labyrinth Z is due out July 6th in Japan – priced at 6,800 yen digital, 7,344 yen physical, and 9,504 yen in limited edition.

  • Lester Paredes

    Maybe this one will come west? I hope so… Though, I still want to play the first one.

    • Ging

      Tell that to someone like pqube on twitter.

    • The Atom

      Ugh… I think that whatever kept #1 away from here will keep this one away. Unsure of whether that is the feeling it may need to be censored (aforementioned dildo looking objects may place this in the forbidden AO section), or perhaps the feeling it won’t be worth the investment…

      I see little reason for this to come if the first one doesn’t but I wouldn’t mind either. It seems like a fun mechanic.

  • Constraffe Vicariou

    Is that a dildo in her boobs