Kadokawa Games’ strategic RPG has been delayed in North America, Europe, and Japan – moving a few months down the line into Summer territory.

It’s true; God Wars: Future Past has been delayed across all the major regions, the late-March/early-April release dates turning into mid-June across the board. As for the specifics, it seems that the previous North American release date of March 28th has been amended to June 20th, the European date of March 31st has been swapped for June 16th, and the Japanese date of April 13th has now become June 22nd.

As for the reason for this delay, Kadokawa Games cited user feedback from the title’s February demo (Japan only), as well as the bugs and some additional finishing touches. Apparently that’s going to take nearly three months, so they must be some hefty bugs and touches.

Once again, God Wars: Future Past is now due out June 16th in Europe, June 20th in North America, and June 22nd in Japan. Adjust your expectations accordingly!

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s actually great news for me. I have more time to save up for it! Also, that release is just before my birthday, so I can easily justify purchasing it. Lol