Thylacine Studios have announced a release date for the Vita version of Siralim 2, and it’s just around the corner.

The follow-up to its less number heavy namesake, Siralim 2 is a roguelike “monster capture” RPG just like the first… but it’s also a completely separate beast. It has no direct connection to its predecessor, and instead takes the main themes to the next level.

Get a look below via a previously released trailer;

Interestingly enough, the game offers an actual story this time around – alongside breeding features, better (and more diverse) spells, gods to earn the favour of, battle system and unused creature system tweaks, new environments, new creatures, and much, much more. Best yet, we now know it’s almost here; and by almost we mean it’ll hit in the next PSN update.

Check out the release date announcement tweet below;

So there you have it, the Vita version of Siralim 2 launches March 14th in the West!

Are you picking it up?

  • Ogerscherge

    I sure as heck will! ^-^
    Loved in on the PC and I think it would fit awesomely to a handheld.
    Also I hope that they worked a bit on the loading times, because with “Siralim 1” on the Vita they got longer and longer, the more hours you put into the game.
    While I do understand why that is, I hope they can fix this, because this definitely is a game I plan on playing quite a lot! ^.^

    Anyway, happy to hear that there won’t be a delay for Europe this time! 😀