Bandai Namco has announced a new FREE update for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization called “Warriors of the Sky” which will launch on March 14th.

There will be a brand new stage called “Stalvatos Ruins” as well as a new main scenario called “Warrior of the Sky” for you to play through.

Here’s a list of some more additional features and tweaks to the gameplay that will be available thanks to the new update:

  • Level capacity is unlocked up to 80
  • New characters “Seven” and “Rain”
  • Co-sleeping event for “Premiere” added
  • New Duel system
  • New “PvP” Mode
  • Frequency of EX Skills for NPCs is now configurable
  • The partner AI is improved
  • Overall EXP system has been revised
  • Locked rooms can be excluded from the search
  • Item drop rate changed for online play

Check out the new trailer which shows off this massive update!

So are you ready to dive back in to Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and give this new update a try?

  • alterku

    With the performance patch and more free content, I’m more interested. Does this come as a patch or is it DLC and requires a same region account?

    • Phil Wyatt

      Comes as a patch which is about 500-600 Meg.

      • alterku

        Thanks fella.