This week we see the release of three sub-$20 titles – including Blue Collar Astronaut, Dying: Reborn, and Siralim 2! We’ve also got a Toukiden 2 demo, some sales, and some free Hollow Realization DLC if those new titles aren’t for you.

Get the full list of native Vita content below.

New Releases;

Blue Collar Astronaut – $9.99US | $13.49CAD

Dying: Reborn – $14.99US | $19.99CAD

Siralim 2 – $14.99US | $19.99CAD


  • Toukiden 2 Carryover Demo – Free


  • Back to Bed – PS+; $5.99 / Sale; $8.99 / Regular; $14.99
  • Bard’s Gold – PS+; $2.49 / Sale; $2.99 / Regular; $4.99
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Sale; $7.99 / Regular; $19.99
  • Corridor Z – PS+; $3.19 / Sale; $3.99 / Regular; $7.99
  • Indoor Sports World – PS+; $2.49 / Sale; $3.49 / Regular; $4.99
  • Indoor Sports World Big Equipment Pack (DLC) – PS+; $0.49 / Sale; $0.69 / Regular; $0.99
  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – Sale; $5.99 / Regular; $19.99
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted – PS+; $2.99 / Sale; $13.99 / Regular; $19.99
  • Q*Bert: Rebooted – Sale; $5.99 / Regular; $9.99
  • SteamWorld Dig – Sale; $3.29 / Regular; $9.99
  • SteamWorld Heist – Sale; $8.99CAD | $6.74US / Regular; $19.99CAD | $14.99US
  • SteamWorld Heist: The Outsider (DLC) – Sale; $2.49 / Regular; $4.99
  • Velocibox – PS+; $6.24 / Sale; $8.74 / Regular; $12.49
  • Whispering Willows – PS+; $6.24 / Sale; $8.74 / Regular; $12.49


Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

  • Lord of the Inferno – Free
  • Missing Chest – Free

PS: Canada now gets higher new release PSN prices due to the low dollar, so expect Canadian and US prices to be listed where it differs. Otherwise, assume the price applies to both regions. Additionally, we will no longer be covering sales on classic titles (PSP/PSOne) in these updates – both for time and clarity’s sake. Please check the PlayStation Store from your Vita for the full list of compatible sales.

  • Lester Paredes

    Just that awesome demo for me, this week. So good so far.

    • DCGX

      I’ll be trying this demo too, as I still haven’t decided on getting the game yet.

      • Kaboom

        It’s actually really decent. I was worried it was gonna be laggy due to the new open-world concept, but it actually runs pretty smooth. Not 60 fps mind you, but definitely pretty well. It also really feels like an upgrade to Toukiden, and I was kinda upset when the demo ended lol.

        • DCGX

          I tried it last night, and I was surprised by how long the demo is (and I love the fact everything carries over to the game). I remember trying the demo to the first game, and not liking how linear the environments were. It made the gameplay extremely repetitive. This is the type of game I love seeing on the Vita.

          I still plan on preordering today, but I read an interview with the dev where they were asked if an update like Kiwami would happen. The dev was non-committal, but with all the DLC missions, costumes and weapons that are already planned, I feel an updated version/release of Toukiden 2 is going to happen.

          So part of me wants to support this physical release, but I often skip original releases if later updates/complete editions/game of the year editions seem like a sure thing.

  • Will E Alsobrook

    Mustn’t forget, senran kagura estival versus comes out with their ikki tousen dlc, tho the update to let you play what you bought still hasn’t popped up