As we’d previously heard, the new patch will indeed be launching alongside the Balthier DLC – and we’ve got details on what else it’ll include, as well as some DLC screens.

Here are the patch change notes, according to Square Enix and Gematsu;

  • Skip function for battle scenes added – Press the circle button to skip summons scenes such as Mega Mirage summons and Champion summons.
  • “Fast Forward” setting added to settings – Enable fast forward for battles and events through an input in the settings.
  • Battle response improvements – ATB bar fill conditions for standard encounters have improved, and you can input commands quicker than before.
  • “Sephiroth,” “Balthier,” and “Sora” added to battle BGM settings – If you have their corresponding Champion Medals, you’ll be able to choose their battle BGMs.
  • “Random” added to battle BGM.
  • HP and AP recovers at gates, save points, and when each chapter saves.

Along with the changes in the patch comes the Champion Summon: Balthier DLC release (for free), and we’ve got some new images showing that bit off below;

The World of Final Fantasy version 1.03 patch and Champion Summon: Balthier DLC are due out on March 23rd, with the game itself already available in all major regions.

You’re in, right? 😛

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