Atlus has released a new trailer focused on protagonist Haku, and has announced the launch day character DLC for the title.

In Utawarerumono you follow the story of Haku; a mysterious amnesia-ridden young man. He awoke into a world populated with monsters, and was picked up by Kuon – who gave him his name.

Now, he’s stuck in a place he doesn’t know without any memories, and subsequently dragged into a war between empires. He must take up the fight to defend those caught in the crossfire; and though he’s not the most skilled fighter, Haku’s quite the strategist – and somewhat of a fan-wielding pro.

Does that sound like someone you might enjoy playing as? Check him out more thoroughly in the brand new character trailer below;

Additionally, we’ve been given details on two DLC characters – which happen to come in two different looks each. We’ll be able to take the spear-bearing Sasara and the sword-bearing Tamaki out in either their samurai costume, or swimsuits for $2.99US each. If you want them all however, you’ll be able to grab all four options for $8.99US.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception is set to launch on May 23rd in the West.

Are you picking it up?

  • alterku

    Curious how they’ll implement toheart characters into the storyline, or if it will just be ignored like in dungeon travelers 2.

  • Zero Eternity

    Its weird how traits that wouldn’t be charming in real life are so great in fiction. Example being when he says he better be getting a bonus for this effort.