Arcade Distillery is bringing the strategy-based Plague Road to the PlayStation Vita, and Luc Bernard has been in touch to provide us with another exclusive look.

First, before you even start reading, you should use he SoundCloud embed below to play the Plague Road theme. It’ll serve as the perfect background noise for today’s quick update.

So – now that we’ve got that sorted – let’s get down to it; in Plague Road, the leader of the soldiers is Sir Edwin. He’s a man you must help on your journey, and once helped he unlocks a building at your farm that bestows skills upon your soldier units. He’s an invaluable member of your team if you can earn his favour, so be sure to keep an eye out!

As for the skills his new building can assign, it seems that each character is limited to three – which means you’ll have to choose wisely, as there seem to be a plethora of different skills at your disposal. Angelic Healing Over Time, Engineer Build Barrier, Poisonous Blast, Thunder Storm, Rocket Barrage, and Wooden Stampede are available for use in Plague Road… and they have the following effects;

  • Angelic Healing Over Time – bestows a healing effect on your party, inducing a “healing over time” status.
  • Engineer Build Barrier – summon a pillar from the earth, which blocks the path of the enemy.
  • Poisonous Blast – shoots poison at your enemy through a flamethrower-like device. May induce the poison effect, which can last three turns.
  • Thunder Storm – a character appears and summons a lightning-imbued storm, which relays effects to the battlefield.
  • Rocket Barrage – the player lets off a bunch of mortars, which fall upon the enemy and explode.
  • Wooden Stampede – summon a group of wild horses that trample all the enemies on the field, and may yield multiple hits.

More skills and options are available in the game, which – according to Luc – will have its release date announced via the PlayStation Blog sometime near the end of the month. Keep an eye out if you’re interested, as this one might just be ahead of schedule. 😉

  • Lester Paredes

    The song is cool, and it sounds like the game will have a nice orchestrated score. I sure hope the game turns out good!

  • eric

    I’ve been keeping my eye on this one too, ..not sure if i’ll get it …will have to wait to see what the reviews / other members think.