Luc Bernard has been in touch to talk about a brand new project, and we’ve got the exclusive reveal.

This year, Luc and the team at Arcade Distillery are planning on focusing a lot on the PlayStation Vita – so naturally there’s something coming after Plague Road. That something is The Witch Trials, and unlike their past endeavors this one seems to be more sci-fi than dark fantasy.

In the world of The Witch Trials, hackers called “Witches” can take control of giant government-controlled mechanized robots for their own purposes – and in the game you’ll be playing as a hacker that can ally with three different Witch factions. These factions are each led by a Witch, who is looking to either escape a trial they’ve been put up against, or seeking to help their cause more. Taking inspiration from the Salem witch trials, this game aims to have quite a unique take… but it’s also very much set in the same universe as Death Tales. While Death Tales is considered to be the past however, The Witch Trials are set in the future.

As for the characters, it seems that one is ours to share – and we’ve got an image of a second. The first of the two is named Lilith, and she’s the robot-looking character with a cat umbrella below. Lilith was burned in the past; creating the mostly mech version of her you see in the image, and setting her on the path to mayhem. Her ultimate goal is to take out the people that caused her current condition. The second of the two is an unknown punk, also pictured below.

Looking to the gameplay, it’s said to be a mix of turn-based RPG and visual novel – with a bit of a dating simulation tied in for fun (but not required). You’ll spend your time exploring the world, hacking into mechs, dating various non-player characters (which can go horribly awry), and working towards the multiple endings that come with faction choice. It’s safe to say that there is more to see in this game than you can get to by simply completing it once, so this might just be a title you come back to again and again.

Oh, and did I mention that Luc and the team are planning a physical release? Well they are!

The Witch Trials is headed our way this year, and will be Arcade Distillery’s focus once they polish off Plague Road.

Are you up for a little hacker magic in your life?

  • David Mayn

    Sounds interesting but with a premise like that I really need to see actual gameplay

  • Lester Paredes

    Nice premise. I hope the can deliver on the gameplay front.