A retelling of Cyber Sleuth from the perspective of a new protagonist, Hacker’s Memory looks to revisit what made last year’s RPG so good.

The newly announced Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory follows new protagonist Keisuke Amazawa – someone accused of a crime he didn’t commit. As Keisuke you’ll dive into the Digital world and investigate your framing and the crime, doing anything you can to prove your innocence… even if that means joining the hackers to do it.

As it’s based on and set in the world of Cyber Sleuth, it’ll share a lot of familiar locations – though of the 90 map locations in Hacker’s Memory, about 30 will be new. There will also be the same base set of Digimon in this new title, though about 70 additional ‘mon will be added to total about 320. This expansion applies to training as well, which has been expanded in its breadth. As for the amount of chapters and sub-quests you’ll be able to experience, it looks like Hacker’s Memory will be pretty much the same size as its predecessor.

At it’s core however, this new entry is still a turn-based adventure training RPG where you’ll raise and battle Digimon. The setting, game systems, and themes are still very much the same sort of setup as the first – so if you enjoyed our first ride through the title you’ll most likely enjoy this one just as well.

Get a look at it below;

Coming to Japan in 2017, and the West (with subtitles) early in 2018, Hacker’s Memory will of course be physical in Japan – but only digital in the West.


Editor’s Note: This story originally noted that the previous title would be included in the package, but it seems that’s only on PlayStation 4 in Japan. We’re sorry for any confusion that may have caused.

  • Constraffe Vicariou

    Can you download the extra as dlc? I already have the base game. Would be nice to pay $20 and get the new portion only.

    • No mention of such an option has been made, so I severely doubt it.

      • Constraffe Vicariou

        Great, just like my Soul Sacrifice then…

  • alterku

    Any word on a physical English release in Asia?

  • Lester Paredes

    The inclusion of the first is only on PS4 and for Japan, since they never got the PS4 version. Apparently. Everywhere else, it’ll be two different games.