In the wake of Dingo’s bankruptcy, Kadkokawa Games has chimed in with good news regarding Photo Kano and Reco Love.

If you haven’t heard it through the grapevine already, I’ve got some bad news; video game developer Dingo – who made Reco Love and Photo Kano Kiss for PlayStation Vita – has gone bankrupt. According to reports, it looks like Dingo is currently around 340 million yen (approximately 3 million US dollars) in debt to around a hundred creditors. Ouch.

There is some welcome news for fans of the intellectual property (IP) they handled however, as Kadokawa Games producer Ichiro Sugiyama has confirmed via Twitter that both Photo Kano and Reco Love are firmly owned by them. Below you’ll find the full text of the Gematsu translated tweets (the original Japanese comments from Mr. Sugiyama found by clicking here and here instead).

“Dingo, who we’ve entrusted with the development of Photo Kano and Reco Love for the past seven years, is confirmed to have suspended operations. It is truly unfortunate and we miss them. As for the Photo Kano and Reco Love copyrights, they are entirely Kadokawa’s. Don’t worry about them in the future. Please look forward to them.

Reco Love‘s downloadable content has settled down, and I’m starting from writing of the scenario. Since I’m in contact with the main staff, I will make the best of my experience with Reco Love and Photo Kano and do my best in order to satisfy everyone.”

Those who are interested in these very enticing IPs can rest assured, as it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowed down much at all – and especially not neglected. In a world of pervasive uncertainty, that’s a very comforting fact.

PS; This announcement only applies to those two IPs, though as far as I know the other Vita IPs they worked on (by way of titles Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Love Live! School Idol Paradise) are safe as well – owned by outside parties.

  • Lester Paredes

    Always sad to see a developer go. I hope they get new jobs soon .