We’ve got details for three new characters – as well as a brand new Ask IGA video – for those still awaiting this upcoming Metroidvania adventure.

First up on the introduction docket is the fifty-seven year old alchemist Alfred, who – despite his quiet style and high intelligence – happens to be partly responsible for the demon-summoning craze that kicked off a decade ago. He’s Johannes’ mentor, as well as a father figure to Miriam, and is considered an advanced level alchemist (even by his peers).

Next up is the twelve year old Anne Knolles – a normally bright and cheerful village girl whose parents were killed in a demon attack. Saved by Dominique and Miriam, she looks after the shop when Dominique isn’t around.

Finally, there’s the twenty-five year old exorcist Dominique Baldwin. A bit posh in her language, she treats those around her kindly in the end; trusting people like Miriam and Gebel despite the church considering them demons. Dominique even ends up working for Miriam, and when Gebel’s ambitions get a little too big she definitely has Johannes summon her boss to settle things.

Okay, so that’s all of the character introductions – but that’s not all we’ve got to share. While Mr. Igarashi is still working on sorting out the voice over cast and backer reward content, he wanted to deliver another “Ask IGA” for those interested. You can get a look at the questions and answers in the video below.

Bloodstainted: Ritual of the Night is due out sometime in the first half of 2018.

Are you looking forward to it?

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks better and better with each update. I sure hope that the vita port is a good one! Come on, Armature, I have faith in you!