Red Hook Studios have provided an update on some of their upcoming content for Darkest Dungeon, giving us some insight into what to expect and when to expect it.

Originally revealed in October of last year and given a projected “Early 2017” release window (which has now come and gone), Darkest Dungeon‘s “The Crimson Court” DLC is still on the way – however it’s been curtailed a bit by the want of Red Hook to deliver the game’s free “Radiant” update first. Now, the DLC seems to be headed for a May/June release date, while the free bit is headed our way a little sooner.

But wait, do we even know what The Crimson Court is offering yet? We do now!

Considered to be “the canonical way” to experience Darkest Dungeon, The Crimson Court is a parallel campaign that runs right alongside the main content of the game. It provides new challenges across all the difficulty levels, and its narrative reaches back into the Ancestor’s early days – though it’s presented in the same manner as the cutscenes you’ve seen elsewhere in the game.

Following the Crimson Curse as it spreads uncontrollably over the estate, players will have to take on new enemies that have invaded the familiar regions of the game, as well as new enemies in new areas like the Courtyard. There, an entirely new wave of blood-crazed enemies wait for you to draw near… three distinct boss encounters hidden amongst them. As the player, you’ll have to reach even deeper into your bag of tricks than ever before, as the enemies will come at you with never-before-seen combat mechanics and strategies. A new enemy will also show his head as the infestation takes over, and you’ll have to deal with the confusing “Fanatic” – a being who infects the minds of those around him in his quest to exterminate the Curse.

But wait, it’s not all doom and gloom here. The Crimson Court also adds a brand new playable hero class – as well as new trinkets, town events, and upgrades for your Hamlet. This is a piece of DLC you definitely don’t want to miss!

As for that free Radiant update we mentioned earlier, that’s coming as soon as possible. Red Hook Studios are currently working on a few last minute bits (in concurrent development with The Crimson Court content), but hope to launch this free upgrade very shortly.

Are you interested in either of these?

Well keep an eye out, as they’re edging ever closer – and still very much on the way. 😉

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds awesome! I am looking forward to this dlc, as it sounds really cool. Can’t wait to be driven insane all over again!

  • eric

    I loved and hated DD, ultimately I hated it and had to remove it from my system. The game is awesome, -super addicting, however it is insanely difficult to advance. It requires a ton of time and constant grinding to make a tiny amount of progress. What is frustrating as heck is that you can have an arsenal of level 5 characters that you’ve spent a ton of time with only to have them decimated in one battle. The game just seems lopsided in difficulty to me. I put well over 80 hours into the game and just didn’t feel like I got anywhere with it. Ultimately it was taking up way too much of my time and I had to delete it so as not to be tempted within loading it up when I saw the icon staring at me. I have since moved on to other games that are more rewarding.

    • rtlf

      If one of your characters gets killed you can always run back to the Hamlet. The mission fails but atleast the others survive. Even better though (if you don’t mind using a cheap method), the game actually autosaves every time you get to a room so if a battle is going badly you could just close the app. When you switch the game back on and load up your save file you’ll be back at that room with a fresh opportunity to take on that battle. Hope that helps, would be a shame to have spent all that time playing it and not experiencing the awesome Darkest Dungeon missions and ending

  • aldi404

    I’m waiting for the Radiant Update since it will make the game a little bit more playable und less unforgiving.