Square Enix has populated the game’s brand new official website in order to be a little more informative on the series than we’ve gotten before via other avenues, and we’ve got the new bits to share with you.

While we’ve previously heard a fair bit about Itadaki Street Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary, the game’s official website has only just recently gone live – and in doing so they’ve provided us with a little more information and media for the upcoming board game cross-over.

Along with cross-play, it’ll allow up to four players to join up in either local or online multiplayer, and will even include a lot of familiar faces to pick from when you do. In that vein, the first thing we’re going to take a look at is the new media for the game’s characters.

Carver from Dragon Quest VI (cv; Hiroki Yasumoto)

Jessica Albert from Dragon Quest VIII (cv; Ayana Taketatsu)

Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII (cv; Yoshimasa Hosoya)

Erinn from Dragon Quest IX (cv; Megumi Han)

Squall from Final Fantasy VIII (cv; Hideo Ishikawa)

Balthier from Final Fantasy XII (cv; Hiroaki Hirata)

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII (cv; Maaya Sakamoto)

Minfilia Warde from Final Fantasy XIV
(cv; Miyuki Sawashiro)

Additional (assorted) character art;

Moving past the characters however, there are also new details and media regarding the acts of monopolizing and stock trading. First we learn that if you monopolize the same area, you can further increase your capital and grow your shops. As your shops grow, so will the shopping fee – meaning more money for you.

Additionally, if you buy stock in your shop (via the castle) you can assure that growth of the shop itself will mean more money. As the shops grow, so will the stock prices; so buy low, and sell high!

Are you getting ready to get down to the street?

Itadaki Street Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary is headed to Japan sometime this year, so watch for it.

  • Guillaume @internet

    Too bad this excellent series has been exported and translated only once. This one seems like an “HD remake” of the psp one. And I want to buy shops as Squall so, so bad.
    Where should I send my Monopoly bills to get a english digital release ?

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope it comes west. I doubt it, but I hope!