D3 Publisher has released a brand new boobilicious (I’m sure that’s a real word) trailer for upcoming roguelike RPG Omega Labyrinth Z.

In Omega Labyrinth Z the girls from the original Omega Labyrinth return alongside new characters. You’ll get to adventure through a dungeon with terrain that changes every time you enter. As it’s a roguelike, if you’re killed in the dungeon you’ll fail the mission and go back to level 1, as if that wasn’t harsh enough you also forfeit all your items.

Check out the trailer below!

Omega Labyrinth Z is due out July 6th in Japan – priced at 6,800 yen digital, 7,344 yen physical, and 9,504 yen in limited edition.

  • Giant_Z

    Hi guys, I’ve noted your news about PSvita became delayed recently. what’s happening?

    • Views, revenue, and staffing are all an issue right now.

  • The Atom

    Censor this à la Criminal Girls and I’ll still be fine with it… this looks fun! Bring it over!