Limited Run Games’ 5,000 copy run of Ray Gigant goes live for order today.

Ray Gigant is a narrative-focused dungeon crawling RPG from Experience. It’s set in a future where space aliens called Gigants have invaded and lain waste to the world. One survivor of this apocalyptic event is protagonist Ichiya, and using a power called Yorigami he’s actually able to defeat a Gigant – though he also destroys an entire city in the process. Struggling with his abilities, the protagonist and the other characters of the game are left to dwell on this fact… and the possibilities this power may hold.

Our Deputy Editor Jenny gave the game a 3.9/5 in her review, noting that “Ray Gigant is a beautiful dungeon crawler with a strong focus on story and it’s characters. There are some interesting new game mechanics but the game is let down slightly by some repetitive dungeons. Overall it is really fun to play and a very welcome addition to the PS Vita’s library of dungeon crawlers!”

Priced at $39.99, the limited run physical copy of Ray Gigant goes on sale today; the first wave having gone up at 7am Pacific (we missed it!), and the second wave going live at 3pm Pacific.

Interested? Here is the time remaining ’til the second release;

[tminus t= “14-4-2017 22:53:00”]It already happened.[/tminus]

You can find the game on their store here – the purchasing option locked out ’til it goes on sale. Will you be picking one up (or trying to, as there are only 5,000 copies)?

Let us know what’s up in the comments below!

  • eric

    I skipped this one, and its actually the first Vita game that I have not purchased from LRG’s.
    I decided to skip this one as it was $39.99 w/ another $5.50 for shipping. $45 is a bit much for this game, and being that it has a release of 5,000 copies it isn’t as rare as the other LRG releases. And last this is just a re-release of a game that is already available on the Vita as a physical copy (in Japanese language). Had it been $24 like the other LRG then I would have but at nearly $50 forget it.