Nippon Ichi have revealed that they’re working on a port of the visual novel by Ryukishi07.

According to the visual novel database (VNDB) listing, the game is a coming of age story that focuses on a male protagonist of the Susuharai family. It follows his journey as he leaves home to gain independence, and train until he’s seen as an adult.

The story however, take a strange twist when he gets to his new school – the Susuda Prefectoral High School. Transferring in during his second year instead of joining in first as originally planned, the young Mr. Susuharai finds his school initially carefree and pleasant. This changes when he meets the utterly strange girl Tou Kurokami, who appears to be perpetually clinging to an awkward Japanese doll.

Some say this doll is cursed, and that its hair grows when nobody is watching – but in reality it’s just a doll. It seems that the thing with something truly strange about it is Ms. Kurokami herself, and how meeting her seems like it was fate…

Written by Higurashi When They Cry‘s Ryukishi07, and with character design by Kazuharu Kina, Iawaihime: Matsuri is headed to Japan on July 20th, priced at 6,458 yen.


  • The Atom

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni was one of my favourites, so I’d definitely love this to come over!