Idea Factory International have revealed a trio of new suitors for you to fall in love with.

Three new love interests have been introduced, and are set to be included in the upcoming otome visual novel Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds. They are Iba, Sakamoto, and Souma – and we’ve got some screenshots and first details for the trio.

First up is Hichiro Iba – a samurai of the Okuzime, who are guards that serve to protect the shogun. The Shinsengumi’s old friend from the Edo region, he claims to know you…

Then there’s Ryouma Sakamoto. He’s a smooth-talking, gun-toting samurai who offers to help you (the protagonist) find your father. Handsome and charming, he hides behind pseudonyms – and ultimately makes you wonder whether or not he’s trustworthy.

Finally, there’s Kazue Souma – a serious, headstrong young samurai who doesn’t regard the Shinsengumi very well at all. Kondou has invited Souma to be your first student, but is he really teachable?

A remastered version of the visual novel series, Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds stars the young Chizuru – a girl in search of her father. As Chizuru you’ll have to romance the samurai of the Shinsengumi in order to get what you want, and in this edition there’s more characters, love interests, and episodes to behold.

Are you ready to feel the Winds?

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is due out May 16th in North America and May 19th in Europe.