Idea Factory, Otomate, and Sony PlayStation’s Japanese branch have teamed up for an edition that’s super sex-y. Sextuplet-y, that is!

Osomatsu-san: The Game is based on the 2015 Osomatsu-san anime – which is in itself based on the comedy manga series Osomatsu-kun. In the original, the group of sextuplet brothers were only children; their leader (and the eldest brother) Osomatsu helping them into all sorts of mischief. Now however, it seems that they’re in for some otome style action – though just what it entails I haven’t the foggiest, aside from that it’s an adventure in unemployment. Hmm.

As for the release of the game however, I can tell you that it’s set for June 29th in Japan and priced at 6,804 yen for the standard edition (or 5,800 yen for the digital version). There will however be an 8,300 yen limited edition, and a 13,284 yen “Special Pack” as well, with the latter having six versions – each themed for one of the brothers (Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsau, and Todomatsu).

The Special Pack will also include;

  • Two original B3-size cloth posters
  • Three original illustration Booklets
  • An original drawn special box (illustrated by the named brother)
  • Four acrylic key chains (illustrated by the named brother)
  • Four connecting tin ket chains (illustrated by the named brother)
  • Original mini tote bag (in the image color of the named brother)

Pre-orders for all the versions of Osomatsu-san: The Game will also include a drama CD, so get your order in while the gettin’ is good. 😉

…oh, is that not enough Osomatsu-related awesomeness for you?

Well then good news, because soon you’ll also be able to pick up the Osomatsu-san: The Game Six Kids Special Pack! This new hardware bundle is set to include a white Osomatsu-san: The Game styled PlayStation Vita slim, an original system theme, original design packaging, and the limited edition version of the game – the lot priced at 28,450 yen (plus tax) when it drops day and date with the game on June 29th.

Are you in, or what?

Osomatsu-san: The Game and it’s brother-themed PlayStation Vita bundle hit the Japanese market on June 29th.

Isn’t that Osom? 😉