Atlus has announced a bundle with extras for its release of The Caligula Effect in the West.

In The Caligula Effect, you’re stepping into a story that’s written by Persona series veteran Tadashi Satomi – re-living a strange set of high school days that seem a little too perfect… ’cause they are. As you play through the game as the protagonist, you begin to see the edges of this painted-on world, and must therefore make the decision about what to do about the false reality you’re trapped in.

It sounds interesting, right? Well it gets better, as it seems that the game is getting a Deluxe Digital Bundle for release in the West. The Caligula Effect will launch with swimsuit DLC, 19(!) avatars, and a PlayStation Vita theme on March 2nd.

Will you be taking the leap?

  • The Atom

    Anyone know if this is a pre-order only thing or..?

    • Doesn’t say pre-order in the press release. I assume it’s one of those “bundled for a month, then re-released with no bundle” type deals.

      • The Atom

        Ah thanks!
        That’d be cool! Definitely interested, but wanted to wait for a few reviews first. Is the Vita Lounge going to review it?

        • We’re hoping to, but can’t promise anything currently.

  • Will E Alsobrook

    ..March 2nd?-Looks at post date-