V-Jump has delivered some fresh introductory details for new character confirmations Erika and Fei.

Hacker’s Memory is a game which takes place parallel to the events of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, but following a different protagonist to different locations and ends. It focuses on Keisuke Amazawa; a young man who has been erroneously accused of account raising and looks to clear his name by joining a hacker group called “Hudie.”

Working out of an internet cafe, Hudie gets requests for help via the internet connected PCs – and can then investigate in either the real or digital world from there. Taking on the duty of amateur detective as part of both his “job” as a Hudie member and his duty as someone looking for the truth, Keisuke will have to hone his skills as a hacker and a cyber sleuth by taking on the requests his team and he receive. Hopefully he can get to the bottom of his wrongful accusation and help people at the same time.

That’s the story we’ve got so far, though it looks like we get to piece in two parts of the puzzle today; in-game interactions will have you meeting both Erika Mishima and Fei, so let’s introduce them too!

Erika Mishima is a Hudie member with an extremely shy, shut-in style personality. She lives together with her older brother, and her trouble-maker of a partner Wormmon (a rescue of hers) is the mascot of Hudie. At times, Erika and Wormmon will battle alongside Keisuke – so watch for it!

As for Fei, she’s a member of Zaxon and a violent girl who will do anything to see her goals met. She uses the protagonist to take on opposing organizations, her partner Digimon TigerVespamon taking a place alongside her all the while. Fei also appeared in Cyber Sleuth, which runs parallel to Hacker’s Memory.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory is set to release in Japan before the end of the year, hitting the West sometime in early 2018.

Where’s your interest level at? 😛

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