NIS America have let loose some fresh new details about the Operation Abyss sequel.

In Operation Babel, you start out as a normal student of Hinowa Academy – albeit one who is selected to join the special forces unit called the Xth Squad. With Tokyo in ruin, and Rampaging Variants attacking innocent people in the city’s dystopic labyrinth, it’s up to you to take something back for humanity.

Able to freely customize the look, personality, voice, Blood Code, and other options for your squad members, Operation Babel puts you in control. You can create any type of player you want, from the brainy magic-users, right up to the muscle-head soldier types.

All skills however, will be linked to Blood Codes – which are sort of like the class system of the game. Activating different Blood Codes will allow your squad members to act out specific skills and spells, and the Cross Blood System enhances it further by allowing you to use two Blood Codes – your main and your sub code. Mix and match them to your will in order to achieve an attack that fits your style.

Blood Codes aside, there are other systems to battle – and they begin with the Unity Skill system. Unity Skills are unique skills that can be unleashed when all team members work together. They come in BRAVE, MAGIC, and ACADEMY flavours, and will do more damage depending on the timing of their use.

XTND Skills are a new feature to Operation Babel, and they amplify and change skills or spells by allowing players to equip them with special items. This system has nothing to do with Blood Codes, and the outcome doesn’t have any Blood Code requirements to be achieved.

The Rise and Drop system however, relates to how dangerous your adventure into the city becomes. The more battles you survive, the more dangerous the next battle could be – so you’ll need to keep that in mind. That said, more danger means more potential rewards, so sometimes you’ll want to go big instead of simply going home.

If you think you’re in too much danger to continue, or need to heal or cure up, then you can always retreat to the Medical Lab – I promise not to hold it against you. Additionally, retreat will allow you to level up your Blood Codes with experience points you gained in battle, so that’s a consideration as well.

Speaking of leveling up, you can also enhance items in a unique way as well – through their transfer into Codes. When an enemy drops items after a fight, sometimes you’ll encounter junk items or material – which seem useless, but can be identified and changed into Codes. Then, you can use those Codes to create stronger weapons or items, and make your best stuff even better.

Finally, we’ve got a look at the Variants of the Abyss – which are monsters that inhabit the labyrinth. You’ll have to take them on in order to progress, but do you really have the skills?

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy is set to hit North America on May 16th, landing in Europe a few days later on May 19th.

  • Talhab007

    Looks amazing can’t wait I have the first, gonna get the limited edition of this one as well!

  • Lester Paredes

    Artwork looks awesome!

  • The Atom

    Nobody notices the monks look the exact same..?
    I get reusing assets but this goes too far…