Qubic Games have announced that The Legend of Dark Witch is headed our way in the next PlayStation Store update.

Announced for Japanese release way back in 2015, and sort of hinted for the West in that same breath, it seems that The Legend of Dark Witch has finally made its way to our shores – and will be releasing in the next PlayStation Store update, this Tuesday (April 25th).

It looks to bring some platforming RPG action to the PlayStation Vita’s Western audience, and offers a magical world filled with varied and challenging levels, bonuses for repeating levels, and three difficulty levels. These factors come together to make the ultimate goal of helping Zizou the witch collect all the Segya Crystals and restore the balance to the land that much more enjoyable.

Get a glimpse at what to expect visually via the screenshots below;

The Legend of Dark Witch releases in the West on April 25th.

Are you in for a little magic?

  • Talhab007

    Hoping for a physical release anyone know if this has a platinum?

    • Elen Roberts

      It doesn’t have a platinum.

  • Lester Paredes

    It looks cute. I hope it’s fun.

  • VoodooTrumpet

    Not a fan of the art style.