NIS America have given us a detailed look at the Job System for upcoming RPG God Wars: Future Past.

First things first is each character has access to 3 different types of jobs; Main Job, Sub Job and a Unique Job. The Main Job will determine which items are equippable, the stat growth your character will undergo and the skills that you can learn. The Sub Job will allow you to learn additional skills related to the job using Job Points. Finally the Unique Job is, you guessed it, unique to each character and cannot be changed, this job will grant access to upgradable skills for each character.

With that out of the way we can have a look at all the different jobs you’ll have to choose from in the game. The handy chart below summarises all the various Job roles.

The Jobs fall into 3 different categories, Physical Combat, Recovery Support and Offensive Spellcasting.

Physical Combat


The starting job for all fighting job types. They suffer from low stat growth but have all the skills necessary to turn them into a tank. Best utilised as a Sub Job it is recommended that once you level up you change into the Samurai or Archer class.

Key Skills:

Taunt – Will increase your own Impurity, a vital skill for tanking

Heavy Blow – an attack that sacrifices aim, best used with a passive skill that increases your aim.


A front row attacking job, the strength of a Samurai is their flexibility in combat allowing them to deal with a variety of situations with their vast arsenal of skills.

Key Skills:
Gale Attack – a Ki-element, long range attack. With wide range this attack is highly effective on small maps

Dragon Strike Flash – a physical attack that hits 6 vertical spaces all at once, effective for dealing with crowds of enemies.


The Archer specialises in Move and Jump stats and has a bow or crossbow for those ranged attacks. This job is best utilised to help offensively support the rest of the team.

Key Skills:
Charge – a skill that increases attack for the next turn, use it before enemies come into range to prepare for a lethal attack.

Heavenly Drop – Rains multiple flame arrows down on the enemies.

One of the more advanced physical combat Job roles, it features high HP and defence. The close range attacks are more than capable of holding their own in the lineup but perhaps this job is better utilised as a tank with improved skills like Barricade which reduces damage considerably.

An advanced job with high attack power that utilises both long and close range attacks. They also have access to the special skill Dual Wield allowing them to equip 2 weapons at once.

An enhanced version of the Archer job role. They also utilise bows and crossbows and are able to manoeuvre the battlefield deftly thanks to their higher Move stat.

Recovery Support


Priest is the basic healing job role, with low stats their primary role is to help keep the other team members alive.

Key Skills:
Recovery Prayer – a healing skill capable of healing individual team members, increasing other skills will help increase the potency of the healing.

Exorcism Prayer – this skill allows you to recover from various status ailments, as you increase the skill you’ll be able to cure different status effects.


Another healing support type but with higher HP and defence allowing the Monk to place on either the front or back rows.

Key Skills:
Herb Studies – A skill that heals the HP of individuals and cures various status ailments.

Shortcuts – Lets you increase your Move stat for a few turns, use this at the right time to help support allies across the battlefield.


A powerful class that can heal groups of allies or imbue them with elements. However they’re vulnerable to being targeted by enemies if they find themselves too far ahead.

Key Skills:
Bravery Ritual – Increase the Attack and Aim of all allies in range. Best used at the beginning of a battle to set your side up.

Metempsychosis – Increase the chances of an ally surviving what would be a deathblow with 1 HP remaining.

Shinobi is an advanced job role featuring high Evasion and Move stats. They utilise skills designed to frustrate enemies and they even have a unique skill allowing them to teleport. The wide variety of skills allow the Shinobi plenty of flexibility in battle.

This Job role is only available to those that have levelled up the Hunter and Conjurer jobs. A unique support/defence job role, they are capable of healing and enhancing resistances.

An advanced class for males for those that have levelled up a Shintoist. They attack and interrupt enemies, their main role is to debuff opponents and turn the battle in your favour.

Exclusively for females, unlike the Ritualist, the Maiden focuses more on supporting allies and healing them.

Offensive Spellcasting


The Magician is a useful job at the beginning of the game, their skills are powerful and are definitely best used in an offensive capacity.

Key Skills:
Cyclone Spell – A Ki element spell with a wide attack range, it is highly effective against aerial enemies.

Meditation – This skill recovers MP for the user, useful when you find yourself short on MP in battle


An evolved version of the Magician Job role. They use wide ranged magic attacks and as such are effective at dealing with groups of enemies. However their skills consume a lot of MP and as such it is advised to avoid using spells too often.

Key Skills:
Fiery Words – one of the more powerful magic spells in the beginning of the game, useful for dealing high damage to groups of enemies

Dual Destruction – deals large amounts of damage to both enemies HP and MP, useful for debilitating opponents.


This Job role is capable of inflicting various status effects on enemies such as poison or slow. Using these skills at the right time can completely debilitate opponents.

Key Skills:
Paralysis Curse – this skill immobilises an opponent, highly effective when you want to disrupt an opponent looking to support an enemy.

Devil Gate – Randomly select 3 to 7 status ailments to inflict on enemies.

An advanced version of the Spiritualist, this Job specialises in wide and long range magic attacks. All of the magic attacks are very powerful however this also comes at the cost of high MP consumption. It’s best to equip this Job with an MP cost reducing skill or an MP recovery skill in order to mitigate the costs.

This Job is unlocked by upgrading both the Incantor and Spiritualist Job roles. An advanced Job that features a high defence stat, this Job is highly flexible and is useful in a variety of scenarios thanks to the ability to inflict status effects on opponents and heal both HP and MP as well as being able to equip front row weapons.

An advanced version of the Incantor, they specialise in manipulating time via interruption skills. They’re able to use skills such as “Time forward” and “Time Wind” to alter the number of turns that status effects last. Using these skills can help control a battle and ensure you’re always on top of the enemy.

So that rounds out all the Job roles known and it’s a lot to take in. What do you think of the options open to you? Any jobs you’re keen to find out more about? Let us know in the comments below.

God Wars: Future Past is set to release on PS4 and PS Vita on 16th June in Europe, 20th June in North America and finally 22nd June in Japan. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as we get it.