Fan Campaign Aims to Get ‘The House in Fata Morgana’ on Vita in the West


A recently-started Twitter fan campaign is aiming to get Novectacle’s time-travelling visual novel ‘The House in Fata Morgana’ out in the West on Vita. The game itself is already available on Steam in the West thanks to publisher Mangagamer, and has received rave reviews from both journalists and consumers alike.

In Japan, The House in Fata Morgana received an expanded port on Vita in the form of the ‘Collected Edition’ which includes both the main story and fandisc content as well as a new story set in the modern day, courtesy of HuneX/Dramatic Create. Due to the web of publishers involved (Mangagamer’s translation, Dramatic Create’s licence for the release) it wouldn’t be the easiest title for a Western publisher to pick up, but stranger things have happened – PQube managed to negotiate a deal between 5pb and JAST USA for Steins;Gate‘s Western release after all!

The creator of the campaign promises that there are parties interested in bringing this game West, but they need to see there’s sufficient demand for it before committing. That said, if you’re at all interested in seeing the what I’m reliably informed is one of the best visual novels in recent years on Vita consider retweeting, leaving a comment, and sharing wherever you can.

Could this be the latest successful grassroots fan-campaign to bring us more brilliant games on the handheld?

  • The Atom

    That looks dope and the Vita/TV comb is perfect for VNs