D3 Publisher has released the first details surrounding upcoming RPG Omega Labyrinth Z.

Starting off we have the prologue for the game. The story takes place at Anberyl Girls Academy where there is legend of a Holy Grail, that can grant any wish, hidden in a cave within the Academy. Whilst usually off limits the cave is only open on the anniversary of the Academy’s founding. It was believed that the Holy Grail was destroyed but the adventure surrounding the Holy Grail is beginning once again.

It’s an intriguing set up for the story and hopefully the game can deliver on the story. Next up we have a few characters to be introduced, check them out below.

Aina Akemiya

The protagonist of the game, she suffers from a complex over her small chest and is always keen to save those who are in trouble. Her sense of responsibility and cheerful personality makes her popular among people. Since the Holy Grail of Beauty was destroyed on her last adventure she is seen as an enemy of Rio. She excels at exercise but dreads having to study earning her the title Queen of Failing Marks.

Rio Akanezaki

The othe rprotagonist of the game, she loathes school rules and considers teachers a troublesome existence. She wears a different uniform to the rest of the students opting for blue as opposed to the standard red. She dreamed of using the Holy Grail of Beauty to make her chest smaller but since it was destroyed she now hates Aina.

Nako Mitou

Aina’s best friend, she’s not as good at exercising but makes up for it with a talent for food. She’s optimistic and spontaneous all the time and thanks to this she’s considered the mood maker of the party.

Saeri Souja

A kouhai that admires Aina, she has a sharp mind and is incredibly humble, she’s also the most straightforward of the party members. She has a big chest but in order to keep Aina at ease, she keeps her chest bound in order to appear smaller.


A fairy born from Omega Power, she loves girls and going in their chest cleavage. Always optimistic she shares stories with Aina about the cave and Holy Grail. After their last outing Pai considers Aina and the party friends and stays with them throughout the adventure.


Born from Omega Power like Pai, she is lonely and in search of friend, however her sense of pride often leads to an attitude that angers others. Rio saves her whilst she was lost in a dungeon and now the two of them work together. It seems that Chichi knows how to restore the Holy Grail but all is not as it seems.

Similar to the previous instalment this game is a roguelike RPG with brutal features to test your skills such as resetting to level 1 every time you enter the dungeon or losing all your items when you die. Additionally every time you enter the dungeon the layout and enemies will all change providing fresh challenges each time.

Whilst in the dungeon all the characters and enemies move in a turn based system, you have to defeat enemies and level up in order to keep progressing. You’re also allowed to take one partner character with you into the dungeon to help out.

As you progress and defeat monsters you’ll slowly accumulate Omega Power. This power collects in the chest (of course it does) and as you collect more the girls chest will increase in size.

The bigger chest size isn’t the only boon, the stats for the character will also increase. For each time you manage to increase the girls chest size you’ll also gain an “Exploding Breasts Mode” where your stats are doubled which can use when you see fit. Alas exiting the dungeon will revert everything back to normal, but you are able to use the Omega Power you accumulated to purchase or appraise items.

In the previous game the largest cup size you could achieve was K-cup, however in traditional sequel style things get bigger and better. Building up more Omega Power will allow the player to activate Z Chest Mode. Granting you an even greater stat boost and as you’d expect increasing the girl’s cup size to Z-cup.

In addition to these benefits you’ll also be able to use the ultimate move “Hyper Omega Slash” which deals a great amount of damage to monsters in front of you as well as also destroying any traps in the vicinity. It’s not all good however as using the move will revert the cup size back to default and any items in the attack range will also be destroyed, timing is key.

Whilst you are exploring the dungeon you will occasionally come across unidentified crystals. In order to find out what these items are you’ll need to use the Omega Power you’ve collected. In keeping with the spirit of the Omega Power, in order to appraise an item you place the crystal in between the chest and fondle away. The more stimulated the crystal gets the more Omega Power that is poured in until eventually the item reveals itself.

You’re able to choose which of your characters performs the appraisal and the appraisal will be performed with whatever size chest your girl currently has. The outcome of the appraisal isn’t effected by character or chest size so you’re free to appraise with whomever you wish, handy if you have a favourite.

Last but not least we have the Faint in Agony Awakenings, an important tool in strengthening your characters. By using the Faint in Agony Aroma, the girl will become excited and start experiencing delusions. During this time the player can touch heart marks that appear on the girls body to raise the level of excitement and in turn raise stats and skills acquisition.

Once you manage to reach a certain level of excitement the “Sen-sitive Spot” will appear, avoiding touching this area will help to further increase the excitement level. If you manage to increase the excitement level enough after this then the girl will enter a Shyness Break where her whole body becomes sensitive. Continue to touch the same spot here and you’ll gain access to the E-Spot which when touched will greatly increase the level of excitement.

There we have it, excited to get stuck in? Any features caught your eye so far? Let us know in the comments below.

Omega Labyrinth Z is set to release in Japan on PS4 and PS Vita on 6th July. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as we get it.

  • The Atom

    This game is such a yes, would they really be pushing it too far for a non-AO rating?

  • Sea Dragon

    The game looks awesome! the only problem is: looks like its not available for PS4 🙁