XSEED Games have released a new trailer for the upcoming title Akiba’s Beat, intending to show off the characters and their voice cast.

Featuring over 22,000 spoken lines, Akiba’s Beat is XSEED’s largest English voice-over project to date – so it’s no wonder they’re looking to show it off. In this new character focused trailer we get to hear some of those lines; the quality of which might convince you to choose English over original Japanese audio when starting the game.

Voice actors for the English version are as follows;

  • Chris Patton voices Asahi Tachibana
  • Erica Mendez voices Saki Hoshino
  • Tia Ballard voices Riyu Momose
  • Robbie Daymond voices Yamato Hongo
  • Cherami Leigh voices Kotomi Sanada
  • Ed Bosco voices Reiji Shinomiya
  • Ray Chase voices Mizuki Aihara

Get a listen for yourself via the trailer embedded below.

Akiba’s Beat is due out May 16th in North America and May 19th in Europe.

Are you feeling it yet?

  • Lester Paredes

    So many games, so little money.

  • Sam Lan

    Will you be doing a review for this game?

    • We hope to, but we haven’t received a review code – so no promises at this point.

  • Nathan Kinney

    aw shit Chris Patton? I feel like I haven’t heard anything in a long time.