Rising Star Games have announced that they’re bringing 3D action title Drive Girls to Europe.

Developed by Tamsoft and published by Bergsala Lightweight in Japan, Drive Girls is a game about girls that can somehow become supercars – and must use this ability and their other skills to take on mechanized bugs that are looking to take over. If that’s a crazy idea that tickles your fancy, then you’re in luck; Rising Star Games have announced that it’s headed to Europe in both digital and physical form on May 26th.

Need more of a primer than our previous posts on the game deliver? Get a look at the European announcement trailer and some English screenshots below!

So the take away on this one is that Drive Girls is due out May 26th in Europe, in both digital and physical form. Have you got the drive to secure a copy?

PS; No word on North America, but with a physical copy available you can always import!

  • Lester Paredes

    I’ve tweeted at Rising Star Games and they have no plans on bringing it to NA, but they have also said that there’s no DLC.

    • In that case it’s an import title, and with a retail copy, that shouldn’t be an issue.

  • alterku

    Already have a pre order in at 365 games. Very good international prices. This concept is too weird to miss out on.

  • Kaboom

    … Why do I have to be broke at the wrong times?