Spike Chunsoft is bringing a unique new survival RPG to the table, and we’ve got some introductory details and media to share.

Headed our way via Danganronpa series development staff – including producer Yoshinori Terasawa, project manager Tatsuya Marutani, character designer Fumiko Nakao, and supervision / planning / scenario drafting by Takayuki Sugawara – is Zanki Zero, a game focused on the “zanki” (aka: remaining lives) of those left over after a major apocalypse. It follows eight different characters (in at least eight different “chapters”) as they live and quest, their location being major islands of post-modern ruin that drift across the sea.

Gameplay will focus on seamless gameplay action during field exploration, and will have you attacking, defending, and evading enemies to reach your goals. Items such as material and food ingredients will come into play as drops from defeating enemies, and there will be a sheep mascot somewhat similar to Danganronpa‘s Monomi – though Zanki Zero promises a different kind of game aside from the mascot and tendency for surprise.


Well at only ten percent complete and without a release window we’re kind of in the dark… but there are some first look media bits below (and a teaser site here if that’s your thing).

Zanki Zero is headed to PlayStation Vita, releasing in Japan sometime in the future.

When? We’ll just have to wait and see…

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, it sure sounds cool.