XSEED has released a brand new English trailer for Akiba’s Beat, focusing on some of the more interesting characters.

In Akiba’s Beat, Akihabara is plagued by Delusionscapes; places that are filled with monsters, items, and other miscellaneous finds. Once you’ve convinced a maid to help you in your work though, things will get a bit more clear for you – as maids will alert you to whatever’s close by. Plus, they might even help you out a bit in battle here and there. 😉

Maid character voices revealed so far include;

  • Moé Suzumori – played by Alexis Tipton
  • Yoshino Saionji – played by Lauren Landa
  • Kanata Saotome – played by Karen Strassman

Get a look at the new trailer covering helper maids and secret characters below;

Akiba’s Beat is due out May 16th in North America and May 19th in Europe.

  • Nathan Kinney

    I hope this games is good, is the vita version getting a physical release

    • Zero Eternity

      yep. Its getting a physical version.