Dynamic Create have announced that a crowning visual novel experience is headed to Japan later this year.

A “new noble school adventure,” Hello Lady! Superior Dynamis is headed to Japanese Vitas later this year via Dynamic Create and AkatukiWorks – bringing the base title Hello Lady! and its fandisc version Hello Lady! New Division (featuring Mori and Mitori sub-stories) together in a single package.

This is the base game’s description, according to the visual novel database (VNDB);

Many problems lie ahead for society in the 21st century. The best youths in the country are gathered at the super-elite Amakawa Noble School where they are trained to lead us to a brilliant future. They are led by five bishoujos known as ‘crowns’. One day, the leader of the crowns Saku was the target of a terrorist attack. She was saved by Shinri, who was invited to the school as the sixth crown. However, he is at odds with the school system. He vowed to do things under his accord and bring change to the school. Saku decided that she must keep an eye on him.

Hello Lady! Superior Dynamis features character design by Hokuto Saeki, and scenario work by Wataru Hino and Joo Shuudou. It’s headed to Japan later this year, with an exact date yet to be determined.

Will you be telling it hello? 😛

  • The Atom

    It looks fun actually! As it’s not part of a popular franchise I can’t see it coming over sadly.