The free to play style demo-esque version of Toukiden 2 is headed to the West very soon.

We’ve previously talked a bit about this free version when it released in Japan as “United Front,” but now we’ve finally got confirmation that it’s heading West as well – bringing cross-play to the masses (in something other than Japanese) via its Western Free Alliances Version.

Set to allow players to play the entirety of chapter one, as well as jump in on multiplayer action with friends – the limiting factor in gameplay time being a free-version-only stamina system (you start with a “3” which is upgradeable to an “8” via microtransactions), Free Alliances is on the way later this month. The good news with this version however, is that stamina will regenerate every eight hours. This means that the patient or piece-meal player should be able to enjoy multiplayer action just fine via Free Alliances.

If you play a bit and find that you need more Toukiden 2 (but don’t want to go the microtransaction route), you can always grab the full game and transfer your save data – picking up where you left off, with all your data intact.

Interested? You can pick it up on May 30th in North America and May 31st in Europe.

The wait is almost over!

  • Lester Paredes

    Nice, I guess. Great game, hopefully this will bring in more players.