Arcade Distillery Announce Manufactured Beauty for Vita


Luc Bernard has recently taken to Twitter to reveal yet another upcoming Vita game he and the team at Arcade Distillery are working on – Manufactured Beauty.

Described as an “adventure/RPG with slight platforming elements,” Manufactured Beauty is in the very early stages of development – a release not projected to happen until next year, and a likely lack of media in the short term. That said, it seems like a pretty promising project to look forward to.

Check out the reveal tweet below;

It’s worth noting that this is the fourth game Arcade Distillery have revealed to be working on for Vita; the others being Death Tales, Plague Road, and The Witch Trials. Luc also noted that he’s working on a platformer on the side, meaning the team certainly have a lot of titles in the pipeline!

Does Manufactured Beauty have your attention?

You can find a thread discussing all of these games on The Vita Lounge forums if you’d like to participate in any further discussion.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’d have to see more than a single early screenshot to keep it in my radar, but the fact that Bernard says they’ll push the system’s limits piques my interest. We’ll have to see if they can keep it.