PQube have confirmed a European release for the third quarter of the year, while Limited Run Games insists that they’ll have a physical version out this Summer.

Previously revealed to be coming to the PlayStation Vita last June, Rabi-Ribi is a 2D action side-scroller where you must save an unknown land in order to find a way back to your own… after being turned back from a bunny girl that is!

If that sounds like fun, that’s because it truly seems like it is – especially after checking out the newly revealed screenshots and trailer below.

Featuring no fewer than four difficulty settings, nine main areas (and twenty sub-areas), sixty items, twenty fully illustrated characters, forty boss battles, a thousand attack patterns, fifty pieces of OST content, six languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese), and a whole lot of bunnies, this game is packed with everything you’d need to have a good time. It even includes a Boss Rush mode, post-game story and content, and a speedrun mode! It might as well just add the kitchen sink at this point. 😛

So even without that sink you’re sold right? Well, one more reminder why you should be…

Rabi-Ribi is currently set to release in Europe during Q3, in North America at a yet-to-be-determined date, and via Limited Run Games physical copy this Summer.

Will you be hopping on this one?

  • addictedtoretro

    Need 🙂

    • Kaboom


  • Larxinostic

    I’ve been awaiting this for months, if not longer. :O I could pick it up on Steam, absolutely, unquestionably, but I’d greatly prefer to own it and carry it on Vita – especially through a quality LRG release. Gonna strive to bag it as deftly as possible. So, yeah: “Need.”