Twin-Stick Shooter Tesla vs. Lovecraft May Be Headed to Vita


10tons – developers of many Vita games including Crimsonland, Neon Chrome, and Xenoraid – have recently revealed that their upcoming title Tesla vs. Lovecraft may be headed to Vita.

Check out the back and forth that suggests this below;

The twin-stick shooter pits the inventor Nikola Tesla against hordes of enemies from HP Lovecraft’s novels, and has already been confirmed for release across PC, PlayStation 4, and X-Box One – with a Vita version being suggested. That said, it’s likely work on the Vita version would only start after the other versions have released (as was the case with their titles such as Neon Chrome).

Would you buy Tesla vs. Lovecraft if it released on Vita? Have you tried out any of 10ton’s other releases? Let us know in the comments!

  • Lester Paredes

    If it’s as good as Neon Chrome, yes. That game stole hours from me.