Domination Battles are introduced in the latest information drop from Weekly Jump.

According to the latest information from Bandai Namco (via Weekly Jump), we’ve been introduced to the “Domination Battle” system; a team-based area type battle mode that has been added to this semi-sequel.

In domination battles you’ll fight for the control of cyberspace, taking on other teams in an area divided into squares. Touch a square and you’ll dye it your team’s colour, but if you come into contact with another player you’ll have to fight in a winner-takes-all style Digimon fight for your respective areas. Winning means you steal theirs, while losing means you lose yours – so be sure to win when the chance arises!

Additionally, we’ve been given information on two new characters. Ryuuji Mishima and his partner Cyberdramon lead the hacker group “Hudie,” and they’re the ones who save the protagonist in the beginning of the story. As for Arata Sanada, he’s the former leader of hacker group “Jude,” and while everything about him seems cool he’s also prone to childish behavior. Arata partners with a Kurisarimon.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory is due out later this year in Japan and early next year in the West.