A recent tweet has revealed that it’s almost time to tend to your garden with Plantera.

Ratalaika Games have revealed that gardening simulation title Plantera is headed to PlayStation Vita next week, the company set to offer a touchscreen enabled, slightly tweaked version of the game for play on the go.

A screenshot from the Steam version of the game.

Featuring plants, bushes, trees, and animals; your virtual garden will at first be tended only by you – but will soon attract helpers that will aide you in your harvesting. These helpers will even work while you’re away, meaning you’ll always come back to some in-game currency to help expand and fill your garden with new things.

Interested? Then check the PlayStation Store this week! Plantera for Vita is set to hit May 23rd in North America and May 24th in Europe.

  • BloodStainedKnight

    Cute, but I’m not sure if I want it.